• Realtime Streaming & Video Conferencing
    Realtime Streaming & Video Conferencing
    Realtime Streaming,
    Video Conferencing &
    Realtime Exhibits
    in One Easy to
    Use Platform!
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  • RemoteRealtime Solutions
    Powerful RemoteRealtime™
    Instantly Stream Realtime Text,
    Video, and Audio to Anyone
    Attending a Deposition, From
    Anywhere, at Anytime!
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  • Electronic Exhibit Solutions
    Easy ElectronicExhibits™
    Easily Introduce, Manage and
    Collaborate on Digital Exhibit
    Files Using a Computer or
    Mobile Device!
    Digital ElectronicExhibits
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  • LocalRealtime Solutions
    Reliable LocalRealtime™
    Local Realtime Delivery
    The Only Universal Solution
    on the Market for Delivering
    Realtime Text to Onsite
    Deposition Attendees!
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    Secure Solutions You Can Trust
    Remote Solutions for Offsite Attendees
    Revolutionary Electronic Exhibits
    Onsite Local Realtime Solutions
    Best Support in the Industry
    Secure Deposition Streaming
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The "All-in-One" Deposition Solution!

For Agencies

Stream realtime text, video and audio to deposition attendees across the globe in a safe, secure environment.

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Legal Team
For Efficient Depositions

Easily introduce, manage and allow clients to collaborate on digital exhibit files in an instant.

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For Court Reporters

Wirelessly deliver realtime transcription data to onsite attendees without cables or Bluetooth technology.

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“LiveDeposition's LocalRealtime™ is the best tool a reporter can use for streaming realtime text to attorneys. It works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices, as well as traditional proprietary software systems like Livenote and Summation.”
- Alan Peacock, President, CAPTION IT!

“Ease of operation and cost savings are why we chose to go with LiveDeposition.  Attorneys can remain in their office while conducting video depositions at remote locations anywhere as long as there is a high-speed internet connection.”
- Thomas Olender, Owner, Olender Reporting

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